As you leave the small city of Reykjavík the feeling of not knowing what view awaits, when you will next stop, where you will sleep, excites the mind. The obvious indicators of humanity become less visible, yet the sensation of being aware of one’s surroundings increases. The experience of walking through the seemingly endless landscape with its white tipped mountains, deep black sands and vivid green lava fields, is intensified to the point of fantasy. 64° 2’ N 16° 12’ W marks the location of an intensified experience, a place I had escaped to, where I felt most alive. The blue sky sparkled in the ice and the distant volcanic mountains described the horizon. The sound of ice breaking, floating along the lagoon and then silence as I took in what stood before me. The geographical location has become a container for this memory.                                             

 I am now carrying this memory, using post-industrial and urban spaces that are the backdrop to our everyday lives. The journey of carrying the large material and frames to these forgotten, banal spaces is a reminder that at some point I was in that moment, it now acts as a portal. Correlations with the spaces and the sublime experiences began to grow, gradually becoming its own photograph, a representation of a portal within itself, creating tension in the golden light-kissed spaces, the landscape and the memory. It is a reminder that the everyday banal spaces I used to pass and turn my head away from, are in fact a beautiful fragment of the sublime landscape I once experienced.