Cold Snap

The clue is in the title, it has been extremely cold the last couple of weeks. The high pressure system brings cold dry air and seems to hang around for a lengthy period of time and makes for harsh conditions to walk. Bringing a camera out in such extremes means you have to take extra care on making sure the heat has regulated inside the bag before taking it out when you get inside. Here is a photograph of the ice fishing around 10 minutes from where I am living at the moment. It is something that I have never seen before and to stand and watch in total stillness is a special experience.

Back to it

I have been somewhat non existent on this blog since May while I was working to save for Canada. Now I am in Canada I can share my journey here and the projects I set out to do. So what has happened since May? The exhibition ran really well and I was honoured to achieve a first in Photography. I am now travelling with my better half and currently residing in Nelson, British Columbia.

Here are just a couple of photographs from the last few months, it is a real change from living in England, the weather has been good to us, the people are super friendly and the city of Nelson is just perfect. I am blessed to be in the heart of the mountains. 

Moraine Lake, Alberta

Moraine Lake, Alberta

I am still keeping very much intact with medium format film and still love the process of slowing down, being in the moment. I feel when I plan a location, I have a certain level of expectancy, creating a photograph that does not fulfil my experience. What I find most interesting and real is be in the moment of uncertain light or to go around the turn of a road with a surreal viewpoint that I was not expecting. This for me is becoming the most important part of my work now.

Columbia River, British Columbia

Columbia River, British Columbia

4th Year, complete! (pretty much)

This is a reflection on the work over the last year in the professional environment. The journey of bringing this blog for not only you but as a structure for my practice has been of great value. I have developed my skills as a photographer, writer and critical analysis of myself and others work and I've learned a lot from other practitioners too. One of which was Alec Soth where I listened to his talk at the photography show and went to his exhibition in Bradford. Other professionals from different aspects of art came in to talk throughout the year and it was very beneficial for my work, Laylor Sailor, Bronia Stewart, Seba Kurtis, redeye, Somewhere_to, Textbook and Metroprint were all helpful toward my project, future goals and paths that I can figure out once I leave university.


 My main piece of work away from my project was the fashion video, curated by the fashion students at a shoot in Sheffield featuring their handmade clothing. My job was to shoot a behind the scenes video that fit with the theme of clothing. The editing process was the most difficult task, I had the angles and range of shots put together but it was challenging for me using new software and videoing instead of photographing like I'm used to. I feel the video project was ultimately successful, it has a professional look to it and it will be submitted to competitions and used on my website. The link to the video can be found here or under my projects section. Thanks to all that were involved in the creation of this video.


I have thouroughly enjoyed this aspect of the course this year and I hope that one day I can add my own influence and work onto students. Its been a fantastic year and I hope you follow my journey in the future.


I'll leave you with a couple of images from my book.



Lets talk lightbox

Okay so over the last few weeks the exhibition has been a big part of consideration for the project. With this in mind I decided to build a lightbox regardless if I was to use it in the exhibition, just to give it a try. So here is some photos of the journey and you'll find over on how to do it. Its a great informative post on building one. 



Project Live

As you may have seen over the last week my project is now live! You will also find my new fashion video under the projects section. Thanks to everybody throughout the year collaborating on this. Enjoy.

Project Title

Title selected!

64° 2’ N 16° 12’ W

The project title comes from this image. The image that started this whole project off, marking the location of an intensified experience with the landscape. The photographs are now complete and I am looking forward to sharing them with you. I have a video releasing soon curated with fashion and music students which I am also looking forward to sharing with you!

Project and Print

Editing the images is well underway, by that I mean refining what I have down to a select amount not the post production. Book dummies are constantly being made and the end is near. I don't see it as a finish line as such but am achievement to step over and progress the project into bigger things whatever they may be.


Big thanks to Metro Print for the samples given to us, Hanemuhle paper company were at the photography show and they have a real good texture and weight to them. I'll be looking to use the baryta but I'll keep my options open after getting some test prints done.

The Photography Show

Yes, it was a fantastic experience being at the photography show over the past few days, taking inspiration from other photographers talks and seeing what the future has to hold in the digital world.  For those who haven't been, they have equipment tutorials and more importantly speakers from around the world coming to talk about their journey to photography. Helen Sloan ( Photographer for Game of Thrones) and how her photography job keeps her on her toes for 120 days straight running on adrenaline at the end with the rest of the cast was one of the key talks I saw. 

Helen Sloan, Game of Thrones Photographer 

Helen Sloan, Game of Thrones Photographer 

Alec Soth From Here to There talk was extremely insightful, he discussed many projects including Sleeping by the Mississippi and Broken Manual. He also interacted with the audience with the interactive 'spinning wheel' while encouraging young photographers to go out and photograph beyond your comfort zone. Humble, well spoken photographer I would recommend looking at his work. There is a lot of it out there!


Elinchrom lighting tutorial

Elinchrom lighting tutorial

Fashion Video

I had the privilege of working with some great fashion students from the University of Huddersfield for their final project videoing a behind the scenes editorial shoot and I'm currently in the editing process. The photographer, 3 designers and both models had profession on point. 


Heres a still from the video, excited for the edit.


Thanks to Dominique Aspinall, Melissa Gough, Chris Huckbody, Isabella Fletcher, Max and Scott.




Project work is running smoothly now and I'm beginning to edit the photographs I'll be keeping. Book planning is also underway with the first dummy book printed using an indesign workflow to create the it. I have been looking at book publishers to see general styles of artists books to then create my own individual one. It's time consuming but to get this right will be of great importance for exhibition purpose and the future. 

Here is an image that will be in the series, I'm interested in the composition of this image, the relationship with both the road on the right and the road in the frame, creating an intervention, a portal for the viewer to escape to. 

Follow Up


Pro practice week was the most important week of the year so far. Listening to all the speakers, especially thankful for the time with Seba Kurtis and Laylor Sailor who gave invaluable feedback on my work and I hope to catch up with them at the end of the project. 

Today I have another 2 canvases printed and they look so good. Out tomorrow providing the weather holds up and I get the golden light I thrive for at the moment, and I'll be installing them into forgotten/banal spaces. Planning for a photobook began today too, although indesign needs a lot of practice so I know how to go about making a book. Have a good week all!


Today we had the pleasure to have Seba Kurtis come in to speak about his work and tutor us in our own work. For those that don't know who he is ill leave a link at the bottom of the post to his page. He's the first speaker that has come in to talk and inspired within minutes of hearing his background story and his journey through his challenging series. His humble, direct and wild character seeps through his photographs.  They are challenging to the eye, opening spaces for discussion. And that's what the aim is. It doesn't say this is what it is and this is how you should see it. The photographer is merely the person putting a photograph in a space for the viewer to interpret in their own way.



Professional Practice week

Heres what this weeks entails:


Professionals coming into our Uni from loads of different industries and backgrounds in making photographs. People have been in to talk about project management, funding, making books for publishing and also guest speakers from previous students and photographers. 


Speaking of project management, I have some low res scans to show you! I'll be posting some more often to get up to date with them. 

Inspirations from this week is the writing from Christopher Hitt 'Toward an ecological sublime' and Marc Augé 'Non-Places', both relevant to my project. 

The places that are the background to our everyday lives, forgotten, banal areas, photographed alongside the sublime wilderness in the series has started to create tension between the two. The sublime experience and how we are supposed to feel in these wild open spaces, an intensified rush taking over our bodies coincided with these banal post industrial spaces. The way that I have been photographing these spaces, I want to keep similar, for lighting, for composition. It does ask the question, Does the sun make anything beautifuI?

I don't want to compare the two in a positive vs negative way, I want to show that the open landscape is important to me, but the forgotten space can also seek some kind of beauty, to some level. The tension between the two, my experience with the notion of the sublime, feeling that your freedom is around you, you can do as you please and then being in these spaces, enclosed, monitored, everyday happenings, is carrying the series progressively forward.  

Interview with Bronia Stewart

This weeks been a busy one! Dissertation has been submitted, allowing all of my time to go towards the major project. Last week I had the pleasure to have a group chat with Photographer Bronia Stewart. Her work is a blend of visually shocking moments of time with an aesthetic quality to them, documenting the things that we didn’t think would be possible to access. One key quote that I just had to take down when talking about the journey of beginning projects, meeting people and pursuing them, relating to it hugely and I’m sure many others feel the same,


“It’s so uncomfortable, excruciating, but when you’ve done it, it’s great”


 Her site can be found here:

New Year

Happy new year all.

I've been shooting through some rolls of film for my project and results are coming along nicely. Sadly the scanner is getting fixed so I can't upload any images yet but when I do, they'll be up here for sure. Here's an image taken on vacation last week, it was the first time I've stepped away from a camera whilst being away, using just my smartphone as a means of recording. It was interesting to gather thoughts of upcoming projects and what to do in the future. 


This next image I took using my 67 medium format camera. Interesting building with a vibrant backdrop. It isn't related to my project but its all practice towards using different formats and perspectives on place. 

I'll keep you all posted once the scanners fixed, and I have to reshoot a roll of film that became fogged somehow! Busy times ahead, but it's all fun!

Post Christmas

Opportunities have been few and far between to get out and photograph. The rain and wind doesn't agree very much with canvas material. A roll of film was shot through today taken in a multi-storey car park with a  framed image I've printed of an Icelandic unforgiving F-Road. I Visited Village Bookstore in Leeds today, in search of ideas for photo-books in the future and to see the work circulating at the moment. The site can be found at and they have a wide collection of photographers making exceptional work. Its going to be a week or so until the processed film is scanned so in the meantime enjoy your new year and live your life. 

Interim Exhibition

With the interim exhibition fast approaching it was time to realise the mistakes from the previous shoot and progress onto the next. I tiled the image like before, 100 sheets of a4 taking around 14 hours to print and stick together ready to go on location. Camera set up, location found and print ready. And then mother nature decided to turn up and blow it around like a kite, ripping it in most parts. It was a learning curve, I reassessed my options and decided to print onto canvas, knowing it wouldn't tear easily, hopefully, and by putting a wooden dowel stapled onto the bottom to keep the weight down if any wind was to blow it. I am shooting medium format for the rest of the degree, the moment of taking the image feels more truthful, more difficult and more substantial and the moment after scanning feels more of a sense of achievement. Mamiya RB67 Kodak Ektar 100 Flextight Scanner.


The beginning of the dissertation has begun and an initial shot has been taken. It's quite difficult to get out of the frame of mind 'to be a good photograph it has to be vivid, beautiful and social media ready' but now concepts are coming along nicely I'm detaching away from this. Here's the first shot, it's difficult to say so early into the project whether the concept of escapism into the landscape works in this image but it's progress.