Interim Exhibition

With the interim exhibition fast approaching it was time to realise the mistakes from the previous shoot and progress onto the next. I tiled the image like before, 100 sheets of a4 taking around 14 hours to print and stick together ready to go on location. Camera set up, location found and print ready. And then mother nature decided to turn up and blow it around like a kite, ripping it in most parts. It was a learning curve, I reassessed my options and decided to print onto canvas, knowing it wouldn't tear easily, hopefully, and by putting a wooden dowel stapled onto the bottom to keep the weight down if any wind was to blow it. I am shooting medium format for the rest of the degree, the moment of taking the image feels more truthful, more difficult and more substantial and the moment after scanning feels more of a sense of achievement. Mamiya RB67 Kodak Ektar 100 Flextight Scanner.