Professional Practice week

Heres what this weeks entails:


Professionals coming into our Uni from loads of different industries and backgrounds in making photographs. People have been in to talk about project management, funding, making books for publishing and also guest speakers from previous students and photographers. 


Speaking of project management, I have some low res scans to show you! I'll be posting some more often to get up to date with them. 

Inspirations from this week is the writing from Christopher Hitt 'Toward an ecological sublime' and Marc Augé 'Non-Places', both relevant to my project. 

The places that are the background to our everyday lives, forgotten, banal areas, photographed alongside the sublime wilderness in the series has started to create tension between the two. The sublime experience and how we are supposed to feel in these wild open spaces, an intensified rush taking over our bodies coincided with these banal post industrial spaces. The way that I have been photographing these spaces, I want to keep similar, for lighting, for composition. It does ask the question, Does the sun make anything beautifuI?

I don't want to compare the two in a positive vs negative way, I want to show that the open landscape is important to me, but the forgotten space can also seek some kind of beauty, to some level. The tension between the two, my experience with the notion of the sublime, feeling that your freedom is around you, you can do as you please and then being in these spaces, enclosed, monitored, everyday happenings, is carrying the series progressively forward.