4th Year, complete! (pretty much)

This is a reflection on the work over the last year in the professional environment. The journey of bringing this blog for not only you but as a structure for my practice has been of great value. I have developed my skills as a photographer, writer and critical analysis of myself and others work and I've learned a lot from other practitioners too. One of which was Alec Soth where I listened to his talk at the photography show and went to his exhibition in Bradford. Other professionals from different aspects of art came in to talk throughout the year and it was very beneficial for my work, Laylor Sailor, Bronia Stewart, Seba Kurtis, redeye, Somewhere_to, Textbook and Metroprint were all helpful toward my project, future goals and paths that I can figure out once I leave university.


 My main piece of work away from my project was the fashion video, curated by the fashion students at a shoot in Sheffield featuring their handmade clothing. My job was to shoot a behind the scenes video that fit with the theme of clothing. The editing process was the most difficult task, I had the angles and range of shots put together but it was challenging for me using new software and videoing instead of photographing like I'm used to. I feel the video project was ultimately successful, it has a professional look to it and it will be submitted to competitions and used on my website. The link to the video can be found here https://vimeo.com/166177101 or under my projects section. Thanks to all that were involved in the creation of this video.


I have thouroughly enjoyed this aspect of the course this year and I hope that one day I can add my own influence and work onto students. Its been a fantastic year and I hope you follow my journey in the future.


I'll leave you with a couple of images from my book.